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 Court Room Info

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PostSubject: Court Room Info   Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:01 pm

This is the court room section. This section is here for a specific reason.

Anyone who had been warned, and wants to defend himself may protest here.
He must of course, prove his point, on why he shouldn't get the warn.

He may:
-invite people to go by his side and support him
-get some quotes off other posts to sue as evidence

The judges are the Admins including dzdzdz69
There will be of course, a jury, which is all of the Mods.

When you have something to shout out, you must say 'objection', alway we dont know if
you are helping the people or not.
If you kindly declare a statement to the judge, you must not say objection, always it
will be overulled.

5 days are given to the suspects for preparation.

First go to the thread of "Protests and Claims" to start the testimony.

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Court Room Info
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